In business since 1955, Mathews Galleries and Florida Frame House in Longwood is well-known for high- quality custom framing. Using the latest technology and materials combined with years of experience gives them an advantage in creating the finest frame designs for years of enjoyment for their customers.
In addition to expert framing, Mathews Galleries also preserves and restores heir- loom family photos that have been damaged by time or other factors. Mathews can restore those damaged photos by using digital restoration techniques. The restored images can then be printed on paper or canvas and displayed.
Scanning photos, damaged or not, is a way to preserve them, especially if the original negative is missing. From 2x3 inches to 8x10, whether color, black and white, or sepia, the photos are automatically color-corrected as they’re scanned, making them better than the original
. Once the scans are complete and jpeg files created, Mathews puts them on a portable memory device so you can save them on your computer and/or a portable hard drive or online storage. Home-computer programs are available to help you organize the scanned photos, making them easy to find, sort and share.
Just drop off one photo or a boxful, and Mathews will do the rest, preserving a slice of your family’s history for future generations.

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